MSc in Epidemiology

This Master curriculum of the University of Basel starts in the autumn semester. The degree of a "Master of Science in Epidemiology" normally requires 3 semesters (90 credit points) for students with a Bachelor degree.

The MSc degree in Epidemiology centres on the pursuit of an epidemiological research topic such as basic research, population-based clinical or interventions research and analysis. All courses are taught in English.


Bachelor of Science in Biology, Natural Sciences, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences with a minimum average degree of 5.0. Students with a BSc in a different branch will be assessed individually. Basic knowledge in mathematics or biostatistics of at least 4 CP. For students with a BSc degree but an insufficient mark, the student can alternatively pass the GRE test in the area of “Quantitative Reasoning” provided the result is in the top 35 %.

Deadline for registration is 30 April.

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