“Information and Communication Technologies have an immense impact on virtually all aspects of our lives. The rapid progress of these technologies opens completely new opportunities to attain higher levels of development. Our challenge is to harness the potential of information and communication technology to promote the development goals of the Millennium Declaration.” -United Nations World Summit on the Information Society 2003 in Geneva

The significance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a means to improve the performance of health systems and population health is increasingly recognised.  In this respect, the term ‘eHealth’ is widely used.

The Swiss TPH is internationally well positioned with its eHealth programme. Research, Teaching and Training are systematically interlinked. The variety of expertise areas and the large number of health projects worldwide offer an ideal platform to integrate and validate eHealth solutions. Consequently, the Swiss TPH made the strategic decision to continuously strengthen its eHealth initiative in the years to come.

Our services include:

  • eHealth project design, planning and implementation
  • Software design, development, testing
  • Teaching, training and capacity building in health informatics