"Alliance for clinical research & clinical epidemiology in the DR Congo
Alliance pour la recherche clinique et l’épidémiologie clinique au Congo (République Démocratique du Congo)"


Research in general and clinical research in particular have so far received only little attention in Central Africa. To strengthen this area the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute initiated a tripartite Alliance with two partner institutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

One partner, the School of Public Health (ESP Kin), Faculty of Medicine, University of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will primarily focus on malaria, Tuberculosis & HIV/AIDS, while the other partner organisation, the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital (BMMH), Kinshasa, will rather concentrate the research on chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

In the first four years’ phase of the collaborative project, two laboratories were reconstructed and expanded to become dedicated research labs, a number of training courses was provided to train staff for their future role and a quality management system was started. Whereas the ESP Kinshasa had limited former experience in the conduct of malaria trials, the clinical research is completely new to the BMMH. The joint activities will improve and lead the two partner centres to the ability to conduct clinical trials on new drugs and vaccines. First contracts with industrial sponsors are currently being discussed by the ESP Kin.

In addition, the alliance allows building a collaboration in the conduct of research in the area of clinical epidemiology. In collaboration with the ESP Kin, research projects in the field of epidemiology and clinical epidemiology with a focus on the particular urbano-rural situation in Kinshasa will become possible ad respective projects on malaria have already been started.