SCIH Update

Summer 2013

Review of Community Based Health Insurance in Nepal

Review of Community Based Health Insurance in Nepal

This July, Health Insurance for the Poor highlighted the Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) study completed by the Swiss TPH. The study was contracted by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) to review CBHI initiatives in Nepal within the scope of the P4H initiative supporting the creation and extension of sustainable health and social protection systems. The study was the first to review all the public schemes in Nepal, as well as a selection of private ones, and assess their financial and technical viability, their contribution to health care financing within the larger frame of universal health coverage, member's access to health services and the quality of healthcare in general. The evaluation shows the very limited effectiveness of small-scale CBHI schemes and recommends a shift to a comprehensive national health insurance system. The study informs the health financing strategy being developed by the Nepal government. View report.

Moldovan Health Technology Management Study Tour

Six Moldovan health technology management (HTM) and policy development specialists visited Switzerland this June for a study tour as part of the Moldovan Swiss Perinatology Project facilitated by the SCIH to exchange experience on HTM and related questions. They visited, among others, hospitals’ health information systems units, Swissmedic and Cantonal Health Administration, to review the Swiss institutions’ approaches to HTM. The group was pleased with the new information and ideas they were able to collect to help them shape the HTM policy/strategy in Moldova.

HPSS Project Health Promotion Highlighted at International Conferences

Culture, Health and Well-Being conference, Bristol, UK, June 26 2013

At the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion in Helsinki, June 10-14, the SCIH Health Promotion and System Strengthening (HPSS) project approaches were highlighted. Dr. Mwele Malecela, Director General of the National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania and the first Tanzanian to serve on the Executive Board of the International Association of National Public Health Institutes, commended the community health approach the SCIH instituted through HPSS project in Dodoma. We are pleased that this SCIH project has been aired in this important global forum, from which new direction on health promotion is expected in a forthcoming “Helsinki Statement”. An example of the project activities was later showcased at the Culture, Health and Well-being international conference in Bristol, UK on June 26, where Ally-Kebby Abdallah presented a paper on “Participatory Methods for Identification of the Determinants of Social Well-being and Community Action Planning: Piloting Multiple Approaches and Strategies for Health Promotion, in Dodoma Region, Tanzania”.

Result-Based Management Training in the South Caucasus

Medical staff member, Tajik hospital

Facilitators from NADEL (Swiss Centre for Development and Cooperation, ETH Zurich) and the SCIH jointly carried out a training workshop on “Result-Based Management: More Focus on Outcomes” for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) office “South Caucasus” in Tiflis, Georgia June 10-13. SDC National Programme Officers in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbeijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Moldova were introduced to “Outcome-Oriented Planning and Monitoring” and economic evaluation approaches such as cost per unit, cost-effectiveness, and cost benefit analyses. Modern methods of result-oriented project steering through performance-based funding were presented and discussed with interest.

Health Systems Strengthening: Improving Governance and Ensuring Equity

The Centre for Global Health (University of Ottawa), Carleton University, and the Swiss TPH are combining forces and faculty to offer a timely and dynamic, problem-based learning experience in a one week certificate course from October 21-23, 2013 prior to the 20th Canadian Conference on Global Health to be held October 27-29, 2013. The course, Health Systems Strengthening: Improving Governance and Ensuring Equity, provides analysis and dialogue to interpret the dynamic social trends and their influence on the evolution of global health and health systems strengthening. The multi-disciplinary course is intended for a wide audience, including health development practitioners, health and development donors, civil society representatives, students and mid-level government officials working in the area of global health.

Newly Awarded

KfW re-selected the SCIH as regional coordinator for HIV/AIDS Project in Central Africa (PPSAC) for Phase III, hosted at OCEAC (Organisation de coordination pour la lutte contre les Epidémies en Afrique Centrale) in Yaoundé.


The Thai Ministry of Public Health has selected the SCIH to perform the study, “The Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) on Tuberculosis Disease in a Refugee Camp” near the Thai-Burmese border.


SDC assigned a consultancy contract to the SCIH to support the Moldova State University for Medicine and Pharmacy in the procurement of simulation equipment for their new simulation lab in Maternal and Newborn care.


The SCIH will conduct Tuberculosis (TB) Delay and Knowledge Studies for the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) to identify reasons behind delays in TB treatment as well as to assess the general knowledge of doctors on TB.


The SCIH has received the FOPH contract for European Union HTA network (EUnetHTA) collaboration to represent the FOPH in the EUNetHTA.


One of the results of the Swiss TPH Spring symposium 2013 is the translation of the symposium contributions into a special issue of the non-peer reviewed journal Bulletin Medicus Mundi Schweiz highlighting several Swiss TPH supported initiatives in Moldova, Ukraine, Romania and Tajikistan related to the Symposium topic, “Primary Health Care and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Where do we stand and where to go?”. Bulletin 128


The Swiss TPH contributed to the National Centre of Competence Research Evidence for Policy, brief No.11. The issue focuses on how poor health is not just a consequence of disease, but closely linked to social, economic, and political factors. This issue takes into account the factors contributing to poor health, especially in developing countries.

Joining the SCIH

Jose Luis Fernandez Tonda joined the SCIH on June 15, as Project Coordinator for the PASS project in Burundi.

John Lipsey joined the SCIH on June 17, as Business Development Expert.

Leah Bohle joined the SCIH Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit on July 1, as a Project Associate.

Marie-Eve Soder joined the SCIH on August 1, as an Administrative Project Assistant.
Please join us in welcoming our new colleagues.