Interest Groups

As areas of focus often relate to more than one department, it makes sense to foster knowledge and discussion through structured communication between departments touching on the same issues and themes. An influx of perspectives and ideas, from different points of view, complements the quality and diversity of our work and showcases our unique interdisciplinary approach.


Sexual & Reproductive Health and Gender (SRH&G) Working Group

The aim of the SRH&G group is to foster exchanges and collaborations within the field of sexual and reproductive health and gender, across the research and services departments of the Institute, as well as internationally. The Group has identified three key areas in which its members have experiences and expertise: (1) Sexual and Reproductive Health & HIV and AIDS, (2) Gender and Health, (3) Socio-cultural determinants of health behaviour.

eHealth Working Group

The Swiss TPH has taken on eHealth as one of its eight institutional goals and developed a strategy to support telemedicine, eLearning, and health data information systems, including the upgrading of capacities, software and service infrastructure, with the goal of becoming a globally established eHealth competence centre. The group focusing on these issues also offers an array of eHealth Services.

Health Economics Forum

This group provides a forum of exchange for researchers and consultants to present their work to fellow colleagues and the broader the Swiss TPH public on different aspects of health economics, from intervention costing to questions of financing health care and ensuring equitable access to health services. The Group conducts a lunch seminars series entitled "Health Economics in the Work of Swiss TPH”.