Health System Strengthening

Innovation, Validation, Application

Millions of people suffer from preventable diseases in countries where access to quality health services is not guaranteed. While interventions to address these problems are available, many health systems are not able to deliver them to those most in need. Additionally, some Millennium Development Goals are showing slow progress in most low- and middle-income countries.


Over the last decade, the SCIH has gathered extensive expertise on health systems development and strengthening, health sector reforms and programme design, management and implementation. To improve health systems and the health of populations the SCIH builds on the evidence generated through research (innovation and validation) done by the Swiss TPH and the wider international health community to apply state of the art solutions.


The SCIH operates at several levels based on a systems-thinking approach: we (1) advise international bilateral and multilateral agencies, governments and civil society; (2) manage and provide advisory support for implementation of long term projects and operations research; (3) provide short term consultancy services; (4) facilitate knowledge sharing by disseminating the experience and findings of our work; and (5) contribute to capacity building in health system strengthening through teaching and training activities.


We maintain our excellence with a select group of experienced professionals of various disciplines, backgrounds and cultures - from international public health and medical and social sciences, to information and communication technology (ICT) and e-Health - and interlink our work with the extensive research network of the whole Swiss TPH. The interdisciplinary approach of the SCIH guarantees optimal interfacing of our wealth of knowledge in areas such as health systems monitoring and epidemiology, health economics, health technology management and sexual and reproductive health.