Graduate / Masters

Swiss TPH offers a number of specialised MSc programmes, in line with the Bologna Education System. Swiss TPH’s philosophy is to cover topics in global public health, locally, nationally, and internationally, from the bench to the field and to the beds of patients and the communities and environments people live, hence we encourage cross-communication between the Master’s programm.


Designed for students with a primary interest in epidemiology and statistics. The master is offered through the faculty of sciences.

Students with a special interest in basic biology and laboratory work should consider this programme. The master is offered through the faculty of sciences.

A joint programme with the National University of Singapore (NUS). This programme offers students comprehensive insight into the basics of infectious diseases and the strategies of vaccine design and drug discovery. Lectures complement a research project conducted in leading laboratories of NUS, Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, Biozentrum and Swiss TPH.

Swiss TPH leads the public health / social and preventive medicine curriculum and co-leads the training tracks in scientific skills. The courses are offered through the medical faculty.