Repellent and Insecticide Testing

Swiss TPH has extensive experience in testing public health pesticide products for many years. In collaboration with manufacturing industry and research institutions our experienced team of biologists carries out studies to evaluate mosquito repellents and insecticide products for R&D and registration purposes. We have specialist facilities to rear a broad range of mosquito species and to undertake bioassays according to internationally recognised standards (e.g. WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme guidelines, US EPA Product Performance Test Guidelines, EU TNsG). In collaboration with our partners worldwide we also conduct field trials.

Swiss TPH Quality Label for Mosquito Repellents
The well known, internationally registered Swiss TPH quality label guarantees high efficacy standards for topical repellents. Products with this label undergo rigorous annual quality tests in our laboratories to guarantee their high efficacy under tropical conditions. We particularly recommend travellers to the tropics to purchase products with our label.

Additional Services
In addition to testing your public health pesticide we are also keen to hear about other medical entomology projects. We also provide consultancy, do monitoring of field mosquito populations, conduct studies to investigate the efficacy of after-bite products and supply mosquito eggs for your own research project.