Spring Symposium 2008

The Role of Information & Communication Technologies in Health Systems Development

Basel, 22 April 2008

We all are confronted with a rapidly changing environment. On one hand never before in human’s history a comparable amount of data, information and knowledge was created  but on the other hand it becomes more and more difficult to find exactly what we need to solve a specific problem. Especially in the development of health systems an effective transfer of evidence into policy or practice is essential as only informed decision makers are able to make the right decisions – especially in settings with limited resources.
Another challenge is the need to train people and to facilitate continuous education which is mandatory to cope with the increasing complexity of our world.
Both, managing information and knowledge as well as the training of people can benefit a lot from the meaningful application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The 11th STI Symposium provided a platform for exchange of expertise on the influence of ICT on the development of health systems.

Among the covered areas have been:
- Telemedicine and eHealth
- Knowledge Management and eLearning
- Health Information Systems