Swiss TPH scientists supervise PhD students accepted and registered at University of Basel. Our PhD students are registered in a range of PhD study areas (Promotionsfächer) offered by University Basel. Most students are enrolled in a PhD study area (Promotionsfach) either of the Faculty of Science (mostly Cell Biology; Epidemiology; Microbiology or Zoology) or of the Faculty of Medicine (mostly Clinical Research; Epidemiology, Public Health including Insurance Medicine; or Drug Development).

The general rules for doctorates of the Faculty of Science are outlined in the ‘Promotionsordnung’ and can be downloaded from the website of the Faculty of Science: .
The general rules for doctorates of the Faculty of Medicine are outlined in the ‘Promotionsordnung’ and can be downloaded via the website of the PhD Program Health Sciences (PPHS):

Structured PhD programs

Although not required, many Swiss TPH PhD students profit from the additional enrollment in a structured PhD program. Rules, requirements and benefits – such as access to free courses and other fundings – vary across programs. All have though in common that apart of the 12 ECTS of course work required from all PhD students at Uni Basel, additional ECTS must be achieved. PhD students who are accepted and registered at University Basel qualify for the enrollment in any of the following PhD programs.

  • International PhD Programme Infection Biology (IPPIB) (attractive in particular for those doing a PhD in Cell Biology, Microbiology or Zoology)
  • PhD Program Health Sciences (PPHS) (open to all Uni Basel students doing a PhD in Clinical Research, Epidemiology (Faculty of Science); Epidemiology/Public Health / Insurance Medicine (Medical Faculty), Drug Development, Nursing Science, Sports Science)
  • PhD Programme Public Health (SSPH+) (open to all PhD students from all Swiss Universities of SSPH+ doing a PhD in a research project relevant to public health – can be in any PhD area (Promotionsfach))
  • MD PhD (open to research oriented medical students who combine the MD and  PhD)

Apart from these structured programs, some Swiss TPH PhD students may enroll in the 12-ECTS training certificate of the International Graduate School (IGS) North-South

Our PhD students can profit from many courses and seasonal schools, offered by any of the above mentioned programs, by the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) partners, by University Basel or by many other providers. PhD students and supervisors discuss together the course work to be done during the PhD studies. While those need to be in line with the rules of University Basel or the additional structured PhD programs, supervisors tailor the schedule to the needs of the students. PhD students should also train transferable skills which are – among others – offered by University Basel.

A detailed description of all steps of undertaking a PhD can be found in the Student Handbook.

How to apply

Open positions:

Information about Swiss TPH’s research areas and all open positions can be found on the institute’s webpage.

Unsolicited applications:
1. Find a supervisor: If you are interested in becoming a PhD student at Swiss TPH, please be aware that finding a supervisor is the most important step for prospective candidates. Swiss TPH does not offer PhD student fellowships, rather, PhD students are funded through projects, led by potential supervisors. Students may also be funded by competitive external fellowships to which they apply on their own. In both cases, a Swiss TPH supervisor is required for eligibility. Please explore the Swiss TPH web site to find a field or team of interest and relevance to you.

2. Documentation: Please send a detailed motivation letter and current CV to Christine.Menschanti spam bot@unibasanti spam In the motivation letter, please specify any plans to apply for externally funded fellowships or whether you expect to be funded through our projects.

After a first departmental screening, unsolicited applications will be shared with all potential supervisors at Swiss TPH. You will be notified directly if an opportunity is available and asked to submit further information. Please do not send your applications to Swiss TPH scientists, directly.


Please visit our interactive PhD/MD-Gallery for a overview of the achievements of past and current doctoral students at Swiss TPH.