Master of Advanced Studies in International Health

The MAS in International Health is a collaborative modular programme involving some 30 tropEd accredited universities worldwide. The programme prepares students to act as international health experts and implementers, capable of tackling health-related challenges in inter-sectoral environments across multiple levels and cultures, from the community to the international/global stage, with a special focus on disadvantaged populations. Graduates of the programme fill a critical gap in the number of well-trained personnel available to strengthen health systems and improve access to health for all. Swiss TPH has offered the programme since 1998. At least ten of the 60 ECTS credit points must be acquired outside Swiss TPH, from a tropEd accredited partner institute, giving students the chance to benefit from multiple approaches and networks.

Level: Postgraduate
Programme: MAS
Language: English

Course Facts

On going

Location: Basel
Application Deadlines: 30 June
Start Date: 1 August

In international health, an interdisciplinary approach is used to address poverty-related health problems in resource constrained countries and communities. Even with the global fight against poverty and its related diseases, challenges in this field are growing worldwide. A lack of well-trained human resources in these settings is one of the most important barriers to progress. Therefore, capacity strengthening to increase the number of well-trained personnel is vital to ensuring quality service provision.

Training for Health Professionals

The Master in International Health programme at Swiss TPH contributes to building these skills through an interdisciplinary, evidence- and competence-based training for health professionals. Graduates from this Master programme have the capacity to critically analyse international health problems to identify determinants and to develop and evaluate adequate and appropriate evidence-based responses in specific local and global contexts.

Strengths of the Swiss TPH Programme

The MAS in International Health is a tailor made programme, covering the individual needs of the students.

Personal Tutoring: For a modular part-time programme, the student is always in close contact with a tutor who guides him or her through the whole process of Masters study. At Swiss TPH, a personal tutor is assigned to each student and serves as a resource person for his/her own study programme.

Modular Structure: The modular structure of the Masters programme enables students to continue with their work, taking short breaks for the courses and for the Masters dissertation.

Quality: The programme is accredited by the University of Basel and the tropEd network. The Master diploma is awarded by the University of Basel.

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