Health Care & Management

From Research to Implementation

Do you want to launch a career in international public health?

The Health Care and Management (HCM) programme provides participants with the core competencies for understanding and reacting to health challenges at a world-leading institute in global health. Learn more about the HCM at the next info session on 23 September 2019.

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Join Us at ECTMIH 2019

Meet our experts in Liverpool this September for #ECTMIH2019, Europe's largest congress on tropical medicine and #globalhealth. We are looking forward to an inspirational week of scientific debate, reflection and exchange!


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MBA in International Health Management

Do you want to become a part of a new generation of leaders in global health?

Swiss TPH’s part-time MBA in International Health Management trains future leaders and managers who want to work in multicultural and transdisciplinary settings.

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Introducing Swiss TPH - Excellence in Global Health


Over 800 people from more than 70 nations work at Swiss TPH focusing on infectious and non-communicable diseases, environment, society and health as well as health systems and interventions. They all share the mission to improve population health globally.

Frisch aus der Presse! Unser Jahresbericht 2018 ist bereit

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen den Swiss TPH Jahresbericht 2018 präsentieren zu können. Lesen Sie mehr über unsere Arbeit zur Verbesserung der Gesundheit von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt durch Forschung, Lehre und Dienstleistungen. Viel Spass beim Lesen!


Internationale Zusammenarbeit und globale Gesundheit

Möchten Sie sich auf einen Berufsalltag im Ausland vorbereiten?

Der Kurs “Internationale Zusammenarbeit und globale Gesundheit (IZGG)“ ist eine ideale Vorbereitung dafür. Er vermittelt während 8 Wochen eine gute Basis und bereitet Sie optimal auf internationale Einsätze vor.

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28.08.2019 11:15 to 12:00

Final results from the Leprosy Post-Exposure Prophylaxis program

Lecturer: Peter Steinmann
Location: Swiss TPH, Lhotse
Event category: Swiss TPH Seminars

11.09.2019 11:15 to 12:00

[NEW ROOM!] Addressing community environmental health concerns with exposure modeling and population data

Lecturer: Prof. Audrey Smargiassi, School of Public Health, University of Montreal, Québec, Canada
Location: Swiss TPH, Alpamayo
Event category: Swiss TPH Seminars


Accelerated Research and Development Needed to End Malaria

New tools for malaria prevention and treatment are required to eradicate malaria in the foreseeable future, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). An overview of... More...


Hitzewellen erhöhen Notfall-Eintritte in Schweizer Spitälern

Dass Hitze das Wohlbefinden der Menschen beeinträchtigt, erstaunt wenig. Wie gross der Einfluss von Hitzewellen auf die Anzahl Notfall-Spitaleintritte ist, wurde nun zum ersten Mal... More...


Malaria Mortality in Africa May Be Higher than Estimated

Previous studies analysing malaria mortality in sub-Saharan Africa may have underestimated the burden caused by this mosquito-borne disease. A study by Swiss TPH researchers found... More...


Changes in Mosquito Behaviour Could Result in Millions of Additional Malaria Cases

Bed nets and indoor residual spraying with insecticides are key interventions to protect people in their homes from mosquito bites, thereby preventing malaria transmission. A... More...