Delivering an integrated decision analysis, monitoring & evaluation infrastructure to support more effective and responsive child and youth mental health systems

Mental illness in early life can have a devastating effect on the social, educational and economic future of young people, which in turn influences the mental wealth of countries across the globe. With over half the world’s population living in urban areas, decision-makers, who are often constrained by limited resources, face significant challenges to design effective mental health programs and effectively allocate their resources.

To address this, CSART and partners, including Swiss TPH, were awarded CHF 1.4 million by the Fondation Botnar to develop an advanced decision analysis within a monitoring and evaluation infrastructure to strengthen mental health systems for young people in Bogota, Colombia, informing decision-makers and researchers about the efficiency of different investment scenarios.

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Salvador Camacho

Dr. Salvador Camacho, Dr. sc. hum. PH, MscIH, MBA
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