Influence of the transition from school to work on health promotion choices of young people in Switzerland

The transition from school to work comes with opportunities as well as risks. During the sensitive period from adolescence to adulthood youth make important decisions that can influence their health including smoking, exercising and eating a healthy diet.

The failure of these transitions amplifies the risk of a negative impact on health including increased morbidity and mortality - not only during adolescence but also in adult life. Thus scientific insights into the complex relationship between the transition from education to employment and health promotion of young people in Switzerland are crucial in order to reduce dangerous long-term health effects.

The body of evidence to support a causal link between education, employment and health - with the exception of psychological health - is small as associations between transition from school to work and health require longitudinal studies. Studies are required that explain not only how, but also why social determinants such as education and employment can affect adolescent health promotion. Shedding light on these dynamics through a social scientific perspective that highlights the interplay between structural conditions and the agency of young people will provide important insights into adolescent health promotion in Switzerland.

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