IMIS Nepal - Troubleshooting Support of Insurance Management Information System (IMIS) Software

In the context of supporting the Ministry of Health in Nepal in building up a national social health insurance system SCIH facilitated the transfer of the “Insurance Management Information System” (IMIS) to serve as its IT backbone. IMIS was developed in the framework of the Swiss Government (SDC) funded HPSS project in Tanzania implemented by the Swiss TPH. SDC enabled the transfer of IMIS to Nepal in 2014 through a non-cost sub-licence granted to the Nepalese Government. Swiss TPH provided technical support in this process, and now was awarded a follow up contract to support technical capacity development of the local implementation agency in Nepal on IMIS. The project funded by GIZ aims at developing capacity on managing server side maintenance of the system and will provide further backstopping support on implementing the system during its piloting stage. The project work contributes to the development of a longer term community building around IMIS, which is presently implemented in three countries (Tanzania, Cameroon, and Nepal).

Objectives and Aims
The main objective of the project is to increase technical capacity of the health insurance technical team on supporting the server side maintenance of IMIS.

Methods / Approaches
Remote back stopping as well as onsite training

Target Groups
Insurance implementation team of the Social Health Security Development Committee (SHSDC)

Selected projects at this location:
Capacity Building
Health Informatics

Project Facts

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