GET ON project - VIBRA trial – Effect of village-based refill of ART following home-based same-day ART initiation vs clinic-based ART refill on viral suppression among individuals living with HIV: a cluster-randomized clinical trial in rural Lesotho

The VIBRA trial is linked to another trial, the HOSENG trial, together they constitute the GET ON (GETing tOwards Ninety) research project.


  • The VIBRA trial (VIllage-Based Refill of ART) is a cluster-randomized clinical trial conducted in two districts in Lesotho, southern Africa. Clusters (i.e.,...

01.12.2017 - 31.12.2021
Clinical Trial, PhD project
Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) / Programme r4d , Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) / Career Eccellenza , Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) / Career MD-PhD programme
Clinical Research Unit
Niklaus Labhardt , Alain Amstutz , Tracy Glass
Improving the HIV care cascade in Lesotho: Towards 90-90-90 - A research collaboration with the Ministry of Health



Despite enormous progress in the last decade, HIV/AIDS remains the most important cause of morbidity and mortality in most countries of Southern Africa and a central contributor to economic underdevelopment and poverty in many societies. The 2014 UNAIDS “90-90-90” targets for 2020...

01.02.2016 - 31.01.2019
Clinical Trial
Biostatistics Frequentist modelling
Niklaus Labhardt , Tracy Glass
CDCI - Chronic Disease Clinic Project, Ifakara

Many challenges remain concerning the HIV epidemic in Tanzania. There is a clear need of improvement of human and physical infrastructure to allow for better quality patient care, as well as evidence based strategies tailored to the local priorities. 

The Chronic Diseases Clinic...

01.10.2004 - 01.01.2018
Research project
Christoph Hatz