Swiss TPH covers a wide range of research activities in the field of parasitology, infection biology, health systems and public health. The Department Medical Parasitology and Infection Biology has a strong scientific expertise in infection and parasite biology. Newly gained knowledge is used to develop new drugs and vaccines. The Department Epidemiology and Public Health analyses disease and health systems in relation to their molecular, social, ecological and cultural environment. The Medicine Department provides strong Clinical Research expertise.

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Promising Drug Combination Treatment Against Parasitic Worm Infections

In a Phase III clinical trial, researchers at Swiss TPH have successfully gathered encouraging data to demonstrate higher efficacy of co-administration of ivermectin-albendazole in... More...


Clinical Trials Completed for a New Drug to Treat Parasitic Worm Infections in Infants

The Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium completed its pivotal clinical Phase III trial of arpraziquantel – a potential new treatment option for the estimated 50 million... More...


A Decline in Air Pollution Levels in Europe Still Fall Short of WHO Guidelines, According to New Study

A new study by Swiss TPH used robust spatio-temporal methodology to show the reduction in air pollution across Europe from 2006-2019 and found that while exposure rates have... More...

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