Dr. Alain Amstutz, MD

Alain Amstutz is a physician researcher with a focus on clinical HIV research in Southern Africa, mainly Lesotho. He is currently enrolled in a PhD (Clinical Research) at the University of Basel & the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, funded through the SNSF/SAMW MD-PhD program (Project link).

He has a major coordinating role of two randomized clinical trials: i) Optimizing the current viral load threshold for defining HIV treatment failure (SESOTHO protocol / SESOTHO project page) and ii) Assessing decentralized community-based HIV testing, antiretroviral treatment initiation and sustained access to treatment in rural Lesotho (GET ON webpage / VIBRA project page). He is also the Principal investigator of a cluster-randomized trial assessing a novel model of care for adolescents living with HIV in Lesotho, funded through a grant from the International AIDS Society (PEBRA funding / PEBRA protocol / PEBRA webpage / PEBRA project page)

The research projects are part of the International HIV and Chronic Disease Care group led by Prof. Dr. Niklaus Labhardt, developed and implemented together with all partners of the research consortium: Swiss TPH, local Ministry of Health in the study districts, University of Basel and SolidarMed (Swiss NGO for Health in Africa, active in Lesotho for over 50 years).

He has been living in Lesotho for more than three years, and has fallen in love with the country and its people.


Grants / Awards

  • 09/2019 - Grantee of the alternative HEMMI prize (10’000 CHF)
  • 04/2018 - Grantee of the 2018 CIPHER grant by the International AIDS Society (150’000 USD): GET ON IT (GETting tOwards Ninety In Teens) A two-part research project with one cluster-randomized controlled trial assessing targeted interventions to reach the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets among HIV-positive adolescents and young adults in rural Lesotho, Southern Africa.
  • 07/2017 - Grantee of the 3-year MD-PhD program by SNSF/SAMW (180’000 CHF): Supporting Lesotho on the way towards the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets: Operational and clinical research addressing HIV/AIDS care in resource-limited settings
  • 07/2017 - Grantee of AlumniMedizin Basel award (20’000 CHF)
  • 05/2017 - Grantee of the Janggen-Pöhn Foundation (39’500 CHF)


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