Dr. Pascale Vonäsch

Postdoctoral Scientific Collaborator

Research interests

My research interests are in fundamental and translational/clinical research on tropical diseases with a focus on infection and nutrition. I am especially fascinated about the human intestinal ecosystem and the contribution of the microbiota to health and disease.

Main research topics:


Ø  Risk factors for undernutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ø  Pathophysiology underlying stunting and other nutritional disorders

Ø  Triad of nutrition-infection and the gut microbiota

Ø  Host-pathogen interactions

Ø  Microbiota-targeted interventions for dysbiotic diseases


Together with Philippe Sansonetti, Institut Pasteur, I am leading the Afribiota project, a collaborative project with field sites in Bangui, Central African Republic and Antananarivo, Madagascar: https://research.pasteur.fr/en/program_project/the-afribiota-project/


At SwissTPH, I work on the pathophysiological mechanism associated with different forms of undernutrition in pastoralist children in the Somali Region of Ethiopia (with the JOHI consortium, led by Jakob Zinsstag): https://www.eda.admin.ch/deza/en/home/activities-projects/projekte-fokus/Project-database.html/content/dezaprojects/SDC/en/2014/7F09057/phase1

Further, with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I work on developing microbiota-targeted interventions for childhood undernutrition:



Higher education and qualifications

Ø  2016 Master of Advanced Studies in Public Health (MPH), Pasteur-CNAM School of Public Health, Paris, France

Ø  2013 PhD in Infection Biology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Ø  2009 Interdisciplinary Diploma, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

Ø  2008 MSc in Infection Biology, major in microbiology, Université Paris Descartes, France

Ø  2006 BSc in Microbiology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland




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