Financial Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting (FBAR) - online

Short Course and Part of the MBA in International Health Management (MBA-IHM)

In most organisations, financial management skills tend to be concentrated in a small core of financial experts. In many small organisations and in the public sector, employees are given responsibilities in financial management for which they have not been trained. This course addresses the basics of the financial cycle from budgeting, implementing and recording, through to financial reporting. Students will get an in-depth look at the workings of bookkeeping, reporting, internal controlling, financial management of physical assets and stocks, and auditing. They will also learn to extract and use relevant information from the financial management system to make key decisions.

The course starts with a distance based preparation phase and is followed from an on-campus phase and the final exam. The Post-campus phase is finished with the handing of the final Assignment. Further information about the structure you will find here.


At a Glance

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