How to solve the crisis of science

20.02.2017 by Melanie Rast    

Good science is characterized by contribution to the greater good of society. Modern science does often lose sight of that aspiration. Marcel Tanner, president of the Swiss Academy of Science, talks about current problems in science and how they may be solved.

Marcel Tanner says that one problem for science is the increasing competition for funding, journal covers and recognition. This trend leads to missing the point of good science altogether, placing the emphasis on the individual rather than the scientific community. In addition, he pressure of publishing most interesting results prevents sharing of other phenomena or failed experiments.

Swissinfo interviewed Marcel Tanner at the national congress "We Scientists Shape Science", hosted by the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences (SCNAT) and the Swiss Science and Innovation Council on January 26 and 27.

How to solve the crisis of science - Swissinfo

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