Group | Air Pollution and Health

Our long-standing expertise – nested across all groups of the Chronic Disease Epidemiology unit and several other EPH groups and units – ranges from reviewing the international literature on air pollution and health (LUDOK) and measuring and modelling exposure to ambient air pollution, to investigating its health effects in children and adults, and estimating the related public health burden or the benefits of clean air.

Collaborations and Projects

Our experts serve on committees and advisory boards to advance research and policies at the international level, and collaborate with local and national authorities to provide valuable information on air quality. Seminal long-term projects, such as SAPALDIA, ECRHS, ESCAPE, EGEA, REGICORE, SALIA or the Southern Californian Children’s Health Study, highlight our involvement in investigating the effects of air pollution on chronic pathologies in various part of the world.

Nino Künzli

Professor Nino Künzli, MD, PhD, MPH

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