Unit | Health Systems Research and Dynamical Modelling

The Health Systems Research and Dynamical Modelling unit combines systems science for health systems strengthening with computational sciences, statistical and mathematical modeling to better understand and provide evidence to address contemporary issues in global health. We focus on understanding disease transmission dynamics, specific system-level interventions, as well as health interventions in a systems context. We work closely with major research institutions in low- and middle-income countries and in Switzerland.

Effective and Equitable Health Development

Our research groups combine expertise in health systems analysis, health policy analysis, health economics, statistical and mathematical modelling, and public health computing sciences. Our research is intended to inform both, global health research donors and public health policy makers, of the appropriate priorities, strategies, innovations and resource allocation for effective and equitable health development.

Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith, Professor, PhD

Course in Malaria Modelling

The Malaria Modelling Resource Centre is being developed to provide an outreach and response capacity to the malaria intervention community. Our aim is to make modeling technologies and results more rapidly available and accessible to the wider malaria research-, development-, and implementation communities, and to respond to specific requests for advice.

The Resource Centre is built around the use of the OpenMalaria modelling platform.

An introduction to the use of malaria models is presented as part of the course on malaria epidemiology and control offered within our post-graduate teaching programme.

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