Thursday, 5 December 2019

Session PL1 | Setting the Scene

09:15     Where We Stand on a Global Scale, Guéladio Cissé and Martin Röösli, Swiss TPH
09:30     Climate Change Projections from the Global to Local Scale, Erich Fischer, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
10:00     Climate Health Risks, Scenarios and Action, Kristie Ebi, University of Washington, USA

Session TS1 | Climate Related Health Risks

1a Climate Change and Non-Communicable Diseases
11:00     Heat Related Mortality in Switzerland: Relevance and the Effect of Heat-Health Action Plans, Martina Ragettli, Swiss TPH
11:20     Climate and Migration, Etienne Piguet, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
11:40     Climate and Mental Health, Susan Clayton, College of Wooster, USA

1b Climate Change and Infectious Diseases
11:00    Vector Born Disease and Climate in Asia and Australia, Peng Bi, University of Adelaide, Australia
11:20    Diarrhea and Climate in Senegal, Sokhna Thiam, Swiss TPH, Senegal
11:40    Malaria and Climate Change in West Africa, Richard M’bra Kouassi, Swiss TPH, Cote d’Ivoire

Short Film “WHO: TDR - Preventing Malaria and Schistosomiasis due to Climate Change in Cote d’Ivoire

Session TS2 | Vulnerabilities and Impacts in Different Contexts

2a Physical and Spatial Vulnerabilities
13:30    Vulnerabilities of Water and Sanitation Systems in West Africa, Guéladio Cissé, Swiss TPH
13:50    Climate Change: From Emerging Risk to Real-Life Danger—an Insurance Perspective, Bernd Wilke, SwissRe, Switzerland
14:10    Modelling and Mapping Vulnerabilities, Penelope Vounatsou, Swiss TPH

2b Socio-Economic Vulnerabilities
13:30    Vulnerabilities of Communities to Heat Waves in the North of Senegal, Ibrahima Sy, Centre de Suivi Ecologique, Senegal
13:50    Valuing Climate Services in the Peruvian Altiplano Using Economic and Vulnerability Assessments, Filippo Lechthaler, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
14:10    Climate and Economic Impact, David Bresch, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Session TS3 | Mitigation and Health Co-Benefits

15:30    Health Co-Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation—an Overview, Paul Wilkinson, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
15:50    Co-Benefits of Reduced Fossil Fuel Burning, Nino Künzli, Swiss TPH
16:10    Dealing with Trade-Offs Between Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Measures and Health, Jeremy Hess, University of Washington, USA

Friday, 6 December 2019

Session PL2 – Paving the Way Forward

08:30    Research Agenda and Methods for Studying Climate Change Impact on Health and Adaptation Effectiveness, Rainer Sauerborn, University of Heidelberg, Germany
09:00    How to Get From Research to Policy, Janine Kuriger, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Switzerland

Session TS4 | Health and Adaptation Measures

4a Adaptation Plans
09:30    Health Adaptation Gaps, Gerardo Sanchez, United Nations Environmental Program, Denmark
09:50    Climate Change Adaption Plans for Queensland, Maxine Whittaker, James Cook University, Australia
10:10    Climate Change and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa,  Andrea Rother, University of Cape Town, South Africa

4b Prediction and Monitoring for Impact

09:30    Prediction of Heat Related Mortality on a Global Scale, Ana Vicedo, University of Bern, Switzerland
09:50    Impact of Climate Change on Distribution of Schistosomiasis (Modelling), Guojing Yang, Swiss TPH
10:10    Surveillance of the Asian Tiger Mosquito in Switzerland, Pie Müller, Swiss TPH

Session TS5 | Frameworks for Health System Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction

5a Frameworks
11:10    Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, Virginia Murray, Health England, UK
11:30    WHO Framework for Health System Strengthening, Diarmid Campbell, WHO, Switzerland
11:50    EcoHealth Framework and Climate Change, Brama Koné, Swiss Centre for Scientific Research, Cote d’Ivoire
12:10    A Framework for Modelling Nutrition-Related Health Impacts under Climate Change, Mirko Winkler, Swiss TPH

5b Health Systems
11:10    Climate Disaster Risk Management for Food Security and Nutrition, Maria-Cristina Tirado, UCLAI, USA
11:30    Immunisation's Contribution to Climate Change Resilience, Deepali Patel, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, Switzerland
11:50    Public Health Systems in the Face of Climate Sensitive Hazards in Florida, Song Liang, University of Florida, USA
12:10    Health Systems, One Health and Climate Change, Jakob Zinsstag, Swiss TPH

Session PL3 | From Research to Policy to Change

14:15    Switzerland Assessing Climate Change Risks and Opportunities, Roland Hohmann, Federal Office for the Environment,
14:45    Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change, Kris Murray, Imperial College London, UK
15:15    Decarb Swiss TPH: The Way Forward, Mirko Winkler and Martin Röösli, Swiss TPH
15:45    Closing Words, Nicole Probst-Hensch, Swiss TPH

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