Travellers' Health

The Travellers’ Health course prepares health professionals and travel industry staff to give relevant health information to travellers and to assess travel-related problems occurring during and after travel, with a special focus on tropical diseases. At the end of the course, participants will be able to provide up-to-date information in travel medicine. This includes preventive pre-travel advice, including immunizations and other aspects during travel, appropriate risk assessment and behaviour during travel and management of travel-related diseases based on individual and epidemiological features.

This course is supported by WHO, TropNet and the Swiss Society of Tropical and Travel Medicine.

Level: Postgraduate
Language: English

Course Facts

20. Jan 2020 - 24. Jan 2020

A course providing comprehensive training in all aspects of travel medicine under the patronage of the World Health Organization, TropNet and the Swiss Society of Tropical and Travel Medicine.

This course is open to medical doctors, senior nursing staff, pharmacists and other health professionals; as well as travel industry staff with a strong interest in travel medicine.


The course consists of three parts which include a broad spectrum of travellers' health related topics. The general objectives of all parts are to allow participants providing up-to-date information in travel medicine.

1. Pre-travel advice: Goals of travel medicine, risk analysis, vaccinations, vector borne disease prophylaxis, special risk groups, efforts to harmonize and standardize travel advice, information tools, communicating information.  

2. Health problems abroad: Risk factors and common health problems during travel and their management.  

3. The returning traveller: Differential diagnosis of travel-related diseases (fever, diarrhoea, skin disorders, eosinophilia), management of imported diseases.