It's Time to End TB

Tuberculosis (TB) is the world’s deadliest infectious disease, claiming 4,500 lives each day. Since 2000, 54 million lives have been saved, and TB deaths fell by one-third. Despite this, 10 million people still fall ill with TB each year. Swiss TPH is committed to alleviate TB related suffering, working on five continents both on human and animal health from basic research to health system strengthening. #EndTB

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Swiss TPH Spring Symposium

Human Resources for Health

The availability of a well-trained and motivated health workforce remains critical to achieving Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals. Join us on 8 May 2019 for the Swiss TPH Spring Symposium on “Human Resources for Health” in Basel, Switzerland, where we will explore innovations in medical education, vocational training & continuing professional development.

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Introducing Swiss TPH - Excellence in Global Health


Over 800 people from more than 70 nations work at Swiss TPH focusing on infectious and non-communicable diseases, environment, society and health as well as health systems and interventions. They all share the mission to improve population health globally.

New Findings on S. mansoni Life Cycle

For over 50 years, Swiss TPH has researched Schistosomiasis, a neglected tropical disease caused by parasitic flatworms which affects 250 million people globally. A new study details the complex S. mansoni life cycle, contributing to antischistosomal drug discovery.

Photo: Yvette Endriss/Swiss TPH

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One Health in Chad

The Support Project for the Health Districts in Chad (PADS - Programme d'Appui aux Districts Sanitaires au Tchad) aims to strengthen the healthcare system. In order to reach people in remote areas such as nomadic populations, PADS applies a 'One Health' approach taking into account both human and animal health.

PADS is a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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MBA in International Health Management

Do you want to become a part of a new generation of leaders in global health?

Swiss TPH’s part-time MBA in International Health Management trains future leaders and managers who want to work in multicultural and transdisciplinary settings.

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A Milestone in the Fight Against Sleeping Sickness

Fexinidazole is the first all-oral drug against sleeping sickness. Swiss TPH contributed significantly to the development of fexinidazole together with DNDi, Sanofi and many others. Since its foundation 75 years ago, Swiss TPH has been researching sleeping sickness. For instance, it was the first to succeed in breeding tsetse flies under laboratory conditions.

Photo: Swiss TPH 1946

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25.03.2019 17:15 to 18:00

Anemia as an indirect cause of malaria under-five mortality in sub-Saharan Africa

Lecturer: Isidoros Papaioannou
Location: Swiss TPH, Kilimanjaro
Event category: Advances in Infection Biology, Epidemiology and Global Public Health

01.04.2019 17:15 to 18:00

Mathematical modelling of transmission dynamics of Opisthorchis viverrini

Lecturer: Christine Bürli
Location: Swiss TPH, Kilimanjaro
Event category: Advances in Infection Biology, Epidemiology and Global Public Health


Swiss-Tanzanian Cooperation: Achieving Universal Health Coverage

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Besuch des Regierungsrats Basel-Landschaft am Swiss TPH

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Pfizer-Preis geht an zwei Swiss TPH Forscher

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Scientifically Proven: Air Pollution Harms Health

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