Start of an Implementation Research Course in Bukavu


On 11 September 2017 the project «Connecting the Dots», an implementation research course, will be implemented in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The course teaches basics in implementation research and will serve the purpose of capacity building in fragile contexts. The project is a collaboration of Swiss TPH and the Université Catholique de Bukavu. The R. Geigy Foundation has significantly contributed to the project.

In fragile states the provision of sufficient medical care for its people is often a challenge. Particularly in this environment the capacity building of local experts is highly relevant and needed. In close collaboration with the Université Catholique de Bukavu, a new implementation research course for young health professionals in Democratic Republic of Congo will kick-off on 11 September 2017. The 24 participants will learn basic qualitative and quantitative research methods and will develop and design their own research project focusing on sexual and reproductive health among adolescents and youth. The R. Geigy Foundation has significantly contributed to this project.

Long-term Partnership with the Democratic Republic of Congo  

The Swiss TPH has supported the health care system in the region since decades, spanning from new medication for the sleeping sickness, malaria control efforts and the improvement of health care. In the past years the Swiss TPH has evaluated the project «Next Generation», a large sexual and reproductive health care project for young people, which was implemented by Cordaid and partner organisations. The Swiss TPH together with partners are implementing the follow-up project «Santé, Sexualité, Securité», which has started in 2016. Both projects are funded through the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.