LUDOK - Dokumentationsstelle Luftverschmutzung und Gesundheit

Since 1985, the LUDOK Documentation Centre has been collecting and cataloguing the literature published worldwide on the subject of air and health on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment. Our database contains almost 10'000 entries. For each entry there is a German summary, which can be easily found thanks to keywords in our database search. We are happy to answer inquiries from the population, authorities and scientists personally. We comment on current topics, conduct literature searches and write overview reports

Are you looking for general information about air pollution? Go to Swiss Federal Office for the Environment .

Health Effects

Graphical overview of causal and likely causal health effects of air pollution.

New Studies

A selection of the latest publications on air pollution relevant to science or politics.

Recent Reports

Here you will find the latest reviews or commentaries by Swiss or international authorities and organisations.

Database Search

Search in almost 10'000 German summaries of studies on air pollution and health.

Air Quality Standards

Legally binding ambient air quality standards are an important tool in air pollution control. Find more information here.


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