FIVC - Operational Framework for Integrated Vector Control

Our goal is to develop strategies for the integrated management of vectors transmitting malaria and other major vector borne for decision making at the country level.

We propose to develop country-level maps illustrating the distribution of vector-borne diseases (VBDs) and carry out two reviews: (1) a review of interventions used for controlling these diseases and (2) a review of surveillance tools for monitoring VBDs. Working together with the World Health Organization (WHO) we propose to convene an expert group which will develop the decision-making criteria and paradigms for constructing a framework for Integrated Vector Management (IVM).

Expected results
We will produce manuals for IVM that can be used by national vector control program managers for designing national IVM programs. This proposal will rationalize the control of VBDs, promote the judicious use of insecticides and is likely to influence public health policy globally.

Project Facts