OOAS/WAHO - Regional Programme "Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention in the ECOWAS Region", Phase III

The West African Health Organisation (WAHO) is a Specialized Institution of the ECOWAS responsible for health issues whose mission is to attain the highest possible standard and protection of health for the people of the 15 member states.
Within WAHO, the Regional program “Reproductive Health, Family Planning and HIV prevention in ECOWAS” is funded by the German Government through its development bank KFW and supported technically by Swiss TPH.

Objectives and Aims
The overall objective of the Regional Program is to contribute to the improvement of reproductive health in the ECOWAS countries. More specifically, its objectives are:

  1. to make quality RH commodities available
  2. to meet the demand for reproductive health services.

A regional financing facility (RFF) has been set up which includes two funds, managed by a specific unit of WAHO:

  1. A fund for the procurement of quality RH commodities (condoms, implants, injections) or Products procurement funds (Fonds d’achats de produits – FAP) which aims at increasing the stocks of these products in the beneficiary countries
  2. A Fund to finance capacity building interventions, or Capacity Building fund (Fonds de renforcement des Capacités – FRC) which aims at strengthening national beneficiary actors – both public and private- in the field of planning, acquisition, distribution of RH commodities , IEC / BCC for family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention products. In addition, the program aims to strengthen the WAHO.

Swiss TPH, as a consultant, acts like a Monitoring agent of WAHO activities:

  • Support WAHO in implementing and improving the Regional Financing Facility (RFF)
  • Periodic monitoring at WAHO and National level
  • Support WAHO in Regional activities
  • Procurement documents monitoring and conformity verification

Target Groups
Five pilot countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea Bissau Niger) in the ECOWAS region have benefited from program interventions, among which sub recipient organisations like associations and central purchasing pharmaceuticals.

Next Steps
The external evaluation that took place at the end of 2016 is the first step before preparing the next phase of the program.

CEDEAO and the German government agreed on financing another phase of the program within WAHO after 2017.



Damien Revault

Damien Revault
Project Leader, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeitende/Post-Doc (SHIS 530)

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