GABRIEL - A multidisciplinary study to identify the genetic an environmental causes of asthma in the European community

GABRIEL provides an integrated multidisciplinary program of post-genome research. Internationally leading groups will apply knowledge of epidemiology, genetics, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, statistics, environmental ecology and immunology into the causes of asthma in the European Community. Exceptional epidemiological and clinical surveys have already been assembled of childhood and adult asthma with inclusive information on environmental factors such as tobacco smoke, air pollution, nutrition, allergen exposure and industrial agents. This resource of 40.000 subjects will be extended to include severe asthmatics for genomic and proteomic analyses. GABRIEL will comprehensively screen candidate genes and perform whole-genome association studies to identify all important genetic influences on asthma with unmatched power to verify positive findings. The large body of results from the study will be exploited by statistical and bioinformatics groups experienced in handling data of this complexyty. GABRIEL will identify all important gene environment interactions underlying asthma in the European Community, and the results will be translated in cellular and genomic models to identify their molecular mechanisms. Farm study: Microbial exposures in rural farming environments result in a dramatic reduction in the development of asthma, indicating that effective tools for the prevention of asthma can be developed. The consortium will therefore systematically study rural farming environments. Cellular and genomic models to identify the molecular mechanisms of protective environments will be developed as screens for novel therapeutics and the commercialisation of the consortium results. Ethics: GABRIEL contains a strong and innovative ethical component, which will ensure integration of the results into the European knowledge base for patient understanding, disease prevention, and development of social policy.

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