Assessment of Current Intestinal Helminth-Related Data and Control Capacity in Moldova, Romania and Georgia



  • To assess the level of awareness of intestinal helminth endemicity and the linkage between WASH and STH as well as planned actions of the health sector or other actors for STH survey, control and prevention;
  • To collect available epidemiological information regarding STH endemicity in the country and identify areas where the periodic administration of anthelminthic drugs is needed;
  • To collect available data regarding the WASH situation in the country and identify risk areas (areas with pit latrines and/or partly open defecation, areas where sludge from latrines and/or septic tanks are applied on agricultural fields)
  • To assess the current capacity of the country to survey, control and prevent STHs, identify partners/laboratories qualified to carry out such work, and provide recommendations for intensified STH control and prevention. 
  • To assess the current capacity of the country to improve the WASH conditions

Public Health


Peter Steinmann

Peter Steinmann, PhD
Deputy Head of Unit, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeitende/Post-Doc (SHIS 530)

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