GIVE MOVE - Genotype-Informed Versus Empiric Management of VirEmia: A Randomised Clinical Trial


HIV-1-positive children and adolescents receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) suffer high rates of treatment failure, predominantly caused by poor adherence to therapy and/or viral drug resistance. While high-income countries routinely use genotypic resistance testing (GRT), this diagnostic tool is not available in most low-income settings. For patients with a high viral load while on first-line ART, World Health Organisation guidelines recommend several months of adherence counselling followed by repeated viral load testing, with a sustained high viral load triggering a switch to an empirically selected second-line ART regimen.


We will assess the clinical impact of GRT in an open-label randomised clinical trial enrolling 276 children and adolescents with an unsuppressed viral load (400 c/mL) while on a first-line ART regimen. Participants will be enrolled in Lesotho (four hospitals in three districts) and Tanzania (one hospital) and will be randomised to a control or intervention arm in a 1:1 allocation. The control arm will receive modified standard care, consisting of at least three sessions of adherence counselling followed by a follow-up viral load result which, if again unsuppressed (400 c/mL), will trigger a switch to an empirically selected second-line regimen. By contrast, the intervention arm will receive GRT (Sanger sequencing) and GRT-informed onward therapy. We will compare clinical outcomes (mortality, morbidity, viral suppression) at nine months. In a nested study, we will assess the cost and cost-effectiveness of the intervention.


The GIVE MOVE trial will assess whether early resistance testing could improve clinical outcomes for children and adolescents with viremia while receiving ART.


Fondation Botnar (REG-19-008), Swiss National Science Foundation (PCEFP3_181355)

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Trial registration: (NCT04233242), registered 18 January 2020

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Protocol publication: BMC Infectious Diseases, 19 October 2020

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Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown
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