Santé Grands Lacs - Health Systems Support Project in the Great Lakes Region: Rwanda and Burundi

In a region that has been affected by many long term regional and national crisis, the Swiss Cooperation funded project Santé Grands Lacs is aiming at improving the health status of the populations of selected provinces in Burundi and Rwanda.
It is using the approach of health system strengthening at the district level. Its activities concentrate on the improvement of the financing systems of the health sector, the improvement of the quality of the health services, the strengthening of the management of the health facilities and the sharing of experiences and good practices across the region.
Since its inception in 2014, about 1 million people in Rwanda and 1.4 million in Burundi have benefited from improved health services through renovated and better equipped health facilities, better trained health workforces, improved capacity in planning and managing health services of the district and regional health authorities, and better governance of the health system. The project has also been focusing on facilitating the participation of the population to the management of the health system as well as ensuring access of the most vulnerable parts of the society through improved community health insurance in Rwanda and access to health insurance cards in Burundi. The project will end in March 2017.

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Involved Regions: Africa
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