Campylo-Economics - Healthcare costs of gastroenteritis and campylobacteriosis in Switzerland

Campylobacteriosis is a gastrointestinal disease leading to about 8000 laboratory-confirmed cases registered at the National Notification System for Infectious Diseases (NNSID) and 1000 hospitalisations yearly in Switzerland. The number of cases in the NNSID only represents the tip of the iceberg. The number of infections in the general population and at primary care level must be substantially higher. The annual number of campylobacteriosis cases in the NNSID, a proportion of hospitalised patients of 14.5% and an anticipated much higher number of consultations at the primary care level indicate that healthcare costs arising from acute gastroenteritis in general and campylobacteriosis in particular are considerable in Switzerland. Thus, the overall aim of this project is to estimate total healthcare costs attributable to acuta gastroenteritis and campylobacteriosis in Switzerland.

Project Facts