Almanach Libya - Implementation of Almanach / ICRC Libya

The project aims at improving child health care in Libya by introducing a Clinical Decision Support System. The collaboration between ICRC, the Primary Health Care institute in Libya and Swiss TPH started beginning 2022. Targeted are all children between 2 months and 5 years of age in Libya. An estimated 649,000 children are under the age of 5 years old (in a population of 6,246,000 – approx. 10 % of the total population). They represent overall a large and most vulnerable patient group requiring health care services in primary care centres and outpatient departments of district hospitals. The project is called 'Algorithms for the Management of Childhood Illness, short 'ALMA1. The project will contribute in many ways to improve quality of care for the under five children in ICRC-supported primary health care centres, PHCCs:

  1. Provides easy-to-use tool for patients registration, diagnosis and management recommendations based on latest scientific evidence
  2. Increases the effectiveness of examination, diagnosis, treatment as well as patient-consultant communication in routine practice
  3. Can simultaneously enhance the project management capabilities for ICRC’s technical support in PHCC projects
  4. Enhances the implementation of IMCI and improving health worker’s adherence to the protocols
  5. ALMANACH leverages on technological advancements and digital innovation which can support to builds people’s trust in the available health care services for children


Martin Raab

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