Improve citizens’ access to Romanian quality health services in remote areas

Within the 2nd Swiss Contribution to selected EU Member States, Switzerland is to support a number of programmes (“Support Measures”) in Romania, including one programme in the amount of around CHF 10 million from the Swiss side and a co-founding from the Romanian side of CHF 1.5 million (totalling CHF 11.5 million) to improve the citizen’s access to quality health services in remote areas of Romania. 

The aim of the assignment consists of appraising the proposed health programme under Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme and providing a well-informed opinion/recommendations to Romanian authorities and the SDC/SCO Bucharest on the proposed programme. The opinion and recommendations on the programme are taking into account contextual aspects such as health policies and priorities such draft National Health Strategy 2022-2030 or the EC supported recovery and resilience plan for Romania as well as lessons learned from the 1st Swiss contribution to health sector support to Romania. The assignment determines the technical feasibility, cost-benefit, specific risks, and the sustainability of the two components under the proposed programme as well as broader and cross-cutting is-sues such access to quality services in remote areas, social inclusion, environmental sustainability or (digital) innovation. 


Kaspar Wyss

Kaspar Wyss, Professor, PhD, MPH
Head of Department


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