MC TZ - Malaria Course Tanzania (English), capacity building in malaria with a focus on e-learning

The objectives of the course are to reinforce knowledge and expertise in malaria and to develop competence in self- and e-learning. At the end of the course, the participants are able to manage malaria issues more effectively and to develop basic training course and material in their home institutions.

{"locations":{"0":{"title":"St. Francis Referral Hospital, Ifakara, Tanzania","description":"","latitude":"-8.145152","longitude":"36.6819253"},"1":{"title":"IHI, Bagamoyo, Tanzania","description":"","latitude":"-6.4375716","longitude":"38.9034202"},"2":{"title":"IHI, Ifakara, Tanzania","description":"","latitude":"-8.1461539","longitude":"36.6807318"},"3":{"title":"Swiss TPH","description":"","latitude":"47.5559331","longitude":"7.5751376"}}}
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Involved Regions: Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Involved Countries: Tanzania, United Republic of, Switzerland

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Konstantina Boutsika

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