SYP - Implementation - Safeguard Young People Programme in Rwanda

SYP is currently in Phase III (2020-2023). As part of its expansion, SYP has now entered four more countries in the East and Southern Africa region ​​– Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda and Tanzania – for the program’s next five-year cycle. Phase III builds on the achievements obtained in Phase I and II while focusing on policy and legislative implementation, and quality of services provided. In addition to mainstreaming SRHR into existing economic empowerment programmes, emerging issues in Phase III include gender transformation, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and its link to referral services, climate change adaptation strategies, menstrual health management and universal health coverage (UHC). The programme will be looking at opportunities to accelerate progress towards UHC through building and expanding equitable, resilient, adolescent responsive and sustainable health systems.

In Rwanda, Swiss TPH has been instrumental in advocating for the inclusion of Rwanda as part of the regional scale up of the programme. SDC supported the entry of Rwanda with additional funding.

Swiss TPH in 2020, conducted the baseline study for the start of the programme. Since then Swiss TPH has been contracted a key implementing partner in the area of expansion of comprehensive sexuality education for in and out of school youth (in collaboration with the Rwanda Education Board);and other implementing local partners. Swiss TPH is also providing mentorship and technical assistance to Rwanda youth organizations and networks, including the National Youth Council to be as effective as possible in their advocacy and political  participation around sexual and reproductive health in the country. In addition to the above, Swiss TPH is also supporting SYP by conducting small studies on menstrual hygiene management, youth activism and other topics critical to expanding access to SRH education, information and  services to young people.


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