Caitlin Jarrett

Project Officer / Manager

Evidence Manager



Caitlin Jarrett is a MPH graduate of Imperial College London with six years post graduate experience working with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) (Research Fellow).  She completed her undergraduate studies in Australia majoring in Social Anthropology (University of Sydney) and Psychology (Macquarie University).  Caitlin is now based in Switzerland and is employed as a Project Officer/Manager at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Basel, Switzerland).

Caitlin's public health career began in the UK where she worked in mental health as a clinical support worker and research assistant with the National Health Service (NHS) UK.  She then progressed to a Clinical Studies Officer position with the National Institute for Health Research (Mental Health Research Network), UK, where she supported large-scale research projects in mental health and social care.  She combined this role with a research position in social marketing at Newcastle University examining barriers to cervical cancer screening among young women.

Caitlin has a strong history of working with health professionals from different cultures and countries. She holds diverse qualitative and quantitative research skills and has applied these across multiple public health streams including: vaccine hesitancy; HIV prevention; women’s health; and mental health. Career highlights include co-leading two systematic reviews for the WHO SAGE Working Group on dealing with vaccine hesitancy (2012-2014) and developing a systematic review of reviews for ECDC to evaluate the evidence for HIV prevention interventions available to young Europeans (2015).

Key areas of interest include: interdisciplinary research; systematic reviews; global health policy and development; immunisation; acceptance of health interventions; health systems; and, child health.






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