Dr. Séverine Erismann

Project Officer / Manager

Séverine Erismann is trained in environmental and social sciences (B.Sc. in geography, M.A. in development studies) and epidemiology (Ph.D.) and is working as public health specialist for the Health System Support Unit at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. Her technical expertise includes epidemiological data collection related to nutrition and neglected tropical diseases in the frame of school- and community-based health surveys, especially in West Africa. She has experience in the design, coordination and implementation of field research, surveys and interventions and has a particular interest in multi-method study designs that integrate participatory and inter-disciplinary approaches.

In the frame of her dissertation and research activities for an international project on school children’s nutrition and health, Séverine has gained valuable experience in carrying out complex evaluations. She has conducted a longitudinal study with school children, parents, teachers and health personnel in Burkina Faso. Applied data collection methods ranged from questionnaires, half-structured interviews and clinical assessments. This mixed-method study design with qualitative and quantitative research tools allowed exploring and evaluating the multiple facets of school children’s health over a one-year period.

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