Xuân-Mai Kempf

Xuân-Mai Kempf (MSc Statistics and Actuary, MPH), initially trained in actuary and statistics applied for insurance and public health with over a decade of experience both in private sector and in non for profit organisations in France and in low and middle income counties.

In her role before joining Swiss TPH she was working as an actuarial analyst for GROUPE PREVOIR for more than four years to set up Health and Life Insurance activities for Prévoir Kampuchea Micro-Insurance (PKMI), a Prévoir Subsidiary in Cambodia. Her own responsibilities were to supervise the insurance product design and costing for corporate, individual and micro finance institution clients: Additionally she was responsible for ensuring technical equilibrium of the company by following-up analysis of technical results. She also undertook studies as well as established partnerships with micro-finance institutions, developed back office operational policies and procedures and supervised the development of the insurance monitoring information system.

Prior to these roles as a Health Financing Analyst she has provided technical support to GRET in Cambodia for studying barrier to health care utilisation and on standardizing operational procedures for their community based insurance schemes.

Today, her scope of work includes, studying and implementing information system for health insurance system, health data costing and analysing, in African countries mostly.