Leadership (LEAD)

Leadership is a vital part of achieving international health goals and is critical to the success of efforts to reduce inequality and improve health. However, the rapidly changing environment and huge variations in available health resources make leadership in health a complex and constantly evolving issue. This course seeks to impart key concepts and experiences of leadership in health to those engaged in or entering public and international health roles basing it on leadership theories, professional leadership reflective practice based on self-awareness of personality traits as well as ability to deal with power and distance, solve conflicts and collaborate with stakeholders across sectors for the population health benefit.

Course Structure MBA and Short Courses in International Health Management

The course starts with a distance based preparation phase and is followed from an on-campus phase. The post-campus phase is finished with the handing of the final assignment.

At the end of the course, participants will have gained an in-depth understanding of leadership in an international health context. They will be able to better understand the leadership behaviour of others and of themselves using system thinking, emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry and know what it takes to lead an organisation or work group through a change that others want to be part of.

Participants are assessed during both, the distance-based and on-campus phases of the courses, through individual and team assignments, professional presentations, quizzes or short tests, reflective papers and proposed projects.

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