Clinical Decision Support and Health Information Systems – Potential and Pitfalls of New Technologies

25 April 2018, Swiss TPH Spring Symposium
Basel, Switzerland

New technologies are progressively transforming health care delivery. In health facilities, point-of-care devices can support clinical personnel in the diagnosis and care of patients. At system level, health information tools help aggregate and visualise data thereby facilitating decision-making for managers and policy makers.

The Spring Symposium 2018 invites health system professionals and students to share and review experiences of technology-enabled healthcare with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries.

  • Point-of-care solutions to improve diagnosis and care 
  • Data systems to support evidence-based decision-making
  • Current digital trends and innovations

Expertise of Swiss TPH in eHealth

Swiss TPH designs and implements multiple initiatives related to eHealth ranging from designing devices and tools, programming software, implementing eHealth projects and building capacity, to evaluating effectiveness and developing eHealth strategies and policies. Recognising our long-standing expertise in health technology management, Swiss TPH was nominated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Technology Management and eHealth in March 2016.


Content: Martin Raab
Event: Joanne Blackwell