Unit | Sexual and Reproductive Health

Improved sexual and reproductive health is a key to development and poverty reduction. Gender plays a strong role within this health dimension. The unit supports governments to improve the quality of maternal and perinatal health services in Eastern Europe, Central and Southeast Asia and in Africa, with the ultimate aim of reducing the persistently high morbidity and mortality rate of women and babies during pregnancy, birth and after the birth period,

It does this through activities at all levels of the health systems and at community level. In Eastern Africa particularly, the unit promotes sexual health, family planning services and HIV/AIDS counselling, especially for younger people, and helps to overcome the social barriers that often prevent people from making use of such services.

Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

The unit works to improve the quality, availability, accessibility and acceptability of sexual and reproductive health services worldwide, both at community and health systems level. Our team of multidisciplinary public health experts has professional backgrounds in medicine, nursing, social and political sciences, and health economics.

Manfred Zahorka

Dr. Manfred Zahorka, MD, MPH, EOQ Auditor

Belonging to an Institution of more than 600+ professionals working in Basel and in our local offices abroad, we can offer a broad range of services and provide tailored solutions in the area of SRH and gender issues.

We  actively collaborate with various international partners, from local NGOs, to international organisations and UN institutions, such as UNFPA and WHO. We offer our services worldwide, with a specific focus on Central and Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and Southern Asia, and Latin America.

Centres of Excellence in Midwifery: Landscape, Accreditation and Criteria

A newly issued report for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) investigates the establishment of Centres of Excellence (CoEs) in Midwifery. It points to an upward trend in the establishment of Centres of Excellence (CoEs) not only in high-income countries but in African countries alike. Approaches to appoint CoEs in midwifery, the criteria defined, accreditation processes and definitions in general differ greatly between institutions. As global standards and accreditation guidelines for midwifery teaching institutions are being revised and newly developed in the near future, the authors recommend to use the momentum and push for the development of excellence criteria for midwifery teaching institutions.

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Molesworth K, Secula F, Eager R.A, Murodova Z, Yarbaeva S, Matthys B. Impact of group formation on women's empowerment and economic resilience in rural Tajikistan. J Rural Community Dev. 2017;12(1):1-22

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