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Health Insurance for Rural Population

We undertake situation analysis and assessment on the design, sales and servicing as well as sustainability aspects of insurance schemes. We provide support for initiating and guiding policy level discussions and for the development of operating procedures, performance monitoring, and the implementation of revised organizational structures. We have designed and implemented the Insurance Management Information System (IMIS), a  system supported by android based mobile phones, in three countries.

The Health Economics and Financing Group provides services for the development and implementation of health financing strategies and for assessing the economic viability of health system interventions. In health financing we contribute to the goal of increasing universal access to health services while moving towards Universal Health Coverage as formulated by WHO.

We also provide support in developing marketing strategies and provider management systems (including payment mechanisms), in product pricing and risk pooling arrangements. Finally, we support the development of mechanisms to include the poor into social health insurance schemes.

Manfred Stoermer

Manfred Stoermer, MA Public Policy and Management

Health Promotion and System Strengthening

We pursue an integrated health system strengthening approach in implementing the “Health Promotion and System Strengthening Project” (HPSS) in the Dodoma, Shinyanga and Morogoro regions in Tanzania. This project combines components of health promotion, health insurance development, and support of financial management, pharmaceutical management, and health technology management. The project addresses weaknesses of the Tanzanian health system from different angles. Firstly, it provides a strong health insurance system for a for rural population of nearly 4.8 million people (“CHF Iliyoboreshwa”). Secondly, the project strengthens the quality of health care delivery through improving medicine procurement. Thirdly, the project establishes a health technology maintenance system. Read more about the HPSS project and visit the project website.

Maternal and Child Health in Chad

In the central African country Chad, women and children suffer from many diseases among which malaria or respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases are the most prevalent. The SDC funded Support Project for the Health Districts in Chad (PADS) aims at reversing this trend. The project is being implemented since 2014 in a consortium with the Centre de Support en Santé Internationale (CSSI), a well-established national NGO and long-time partner. It supports the district health system on strengthening quality of care and health administration capacity at decentralized level.  Focuses are the demand for maternal and child health services, the closing of the gap between health services and the nomadic population notably by implementing the One Health concept. Read more about the PADS project and One Health at Swiss TPH.

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