Medical Priorities & Clinical Tropical Medicine
in South East Asia: Further Information

At the end of the module the students should be able to:

  • specify the clinical medical priorities in South East Asia
  • appraise and analyse the local pattern of diseases in their environmental, epidemiological, and sociocultural context
  • critically reflect on diagnosis and treatment of endemic tropical diseases in South East Asia
  • practice and interpret basic laboratory diagnostic methods of parasitic diseases and ultra-sound in the field

The course Medical Priorities & Clinical Tropical Medicine in South East Asia is designed for physicians who plan to work in the field of tropical medicine in South East Asia and for those who want to expand their clinical expertise on the spectrum of tropical diseases endemic in South East Asia.

medical doctors, clinicians and highly experienced health staff

Course fee: CHF 3,250

Registered tropEd Master students: CHF 2990

The fee must be paid 4 weeks before the start of the course. This sum includes the registration fee of CHF 500, due at the moment of acceptance to reserve a place. If a participant does not attend the course, the registration fee cannot be reimbursed. If cancellation is less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the course, an additional fee of CHF 750 will be charged.

Course fee includes: accommodation with breakfast as well as daily transfer to the hospital, to lunch, and between hospitals. (accommodation with accompanying living partners/children may be provided free of additional charge on inquiry).

Course fee does not include: Costs for international flights, transfer from and to the airport (7 USD one way) as well as lunch and dinner (starting at ~2–4 USD per meal)

Health, accident and travel insurances are not covered by the institute, but highly recommended.

No scholarships are available for this course

A test (multiple choice questions) will be given at the end of the course to assess the individual performance of the participants. Application for CME-points is possible (CH, D, EU), within the Master of International Health curriculum of the tropEd candidates will receive 3 ECTS for this module.

  • Course participants are supposed to hold a medical degree plus either (a) hold Diploma in Tropical Medicine (DTM&H or equivalent) or (b) have 1 year cumulative working experience in the developing world in a setting where patients with tropical and parasitic diseases constitute the majority of the clinical workload or (c) are specialized in Infectious Diseases or Clinical Microbiology.
  • Each participant is asked to contribute two clinical case presentations of his / her own working place to be presented and discussed during the course.

Please note that the number of participants is limited to 24.

To apply, please provide the following documents by post: 

  • Completed application form
  • Copies of professional diploma(s)
  • Current CV
  • Proof of English language skills
  • 1 passport-size photo

Application Deadline

31 May 2018

Participants are responsible for their own international flight arrangements and costs. Visa are issued at arrival on the airport for most nationalities (please check in advance; ~30 USD). The cost for the visa is not a priori included in the course fee, however, at the 2015 course the Laotian Ministry of Health arranged a free visa for course participants. We hope that this can be arranged again.

During the course it will be possible to go on a weekend trip to the historical city of Luang Prabang. This optional weekend trip is not included in the course fee and course participants have to arrange the domestic flights and accommodation in Luang Prabang themselves.

Meeting point for the start of the course is Vientiane on Sunday August 26 at 3 p.m. (registration and opening ceremony).

Die Kursteilnahme kann bei der zuständigen deutschen Landesärztekammer nach Abschluss des Kurses zur Beurteilung und Anrechnung der Forbildungszeit eingereicht werden (die Möglichkeit einer Vorab-Zertifizierung wurde von uns evaluiert, ist aber nach den derzeitigen Regelungen leider nicht möglich). Eine konkrete Zusage und Beurteilung der Fortbildungsanerkennung ist daher derzeit leider nicht möglich. Bei Zugrundelegung der geltenenden Fortbildungsbestimmungen (halber Tag = 3 CME Punkte, ganzer Tag = 6 CME Punkte) ist allerdings eine Zertifizierung des Kurses mit ca. 82 CME Punkten zu erwarten.