MSc in Infection Biology

Swiss TPH offers the Master of Infection Biology for students with a special interest in basic biology and laboratory work. Swiss TPH's philosophy is to cover topics in international and global health from the bench to the field and to the beds of patients and the homes of the populations concerned. Hence, we enrourage lively and meaningful cross-communication between this and the second Master programme "Master in Epidemiology".

This Master curriculum of the University of Basel starts in the autumn semester. The degree of a "Master of Science in Infection Biology" normally requires 3 semesters (90 credit points) for students with a Bachelor degree.

The MSc degree in Infection Biology centres mainly on laboratory based work. All courses and lab work are taught in English.

Minimal requirements for a this Master programme are:

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine, Biochemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences with a minimum average degree of 5 (converted into the Swiss grading system).

Basic knowledge in infection biology/microbiology of at least 4 CP.

For students with a BSc degree but an insufficient mark, the student can alternatively pass the GRE test in the area of "Quantitative Reasoning" or the GRE® subject test “Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology” or GRE® subject “Biology provided the result is in the top 35%.  

Successful completion of the MSc Infection Biology Program requires solid knowledge in genetics and molecular biology. Students who have knowledge gaps in these areas are strongly encouraged to update/acquire such knowledge by studying relevant chapters in appropriate text books such as "Molecular Biology of the Cell" (ISBN 978-0-8153-4464-3).  

Deadline for registration is 30 April.

Application (University of Basel)