Professional Postgraduate Programmes and Courses

Swiss TPH offers a number of programmes and courses based on the concept of Lifelong Learning (LLL). These offerings allow individuals to build practical skills and knowledge at later points in their personal and professional lives and are therefore categorized as professional postgraduate education and training. A minimum of two years’ professional experience and a first degree are typical requirements for admission to these programmes and courses. Each course represents an own teaching and training project, and is coordinated and further developed by responsible course coordinators or course leaders.

Swiss TPH offers programmes which result in a Diploma of Advanced Study (DAS) or Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and range from 24 ECTS (CAS) to 48 ECTS (DAS).

Some CAS and DAS programmes can be prolonged to a Master programme, known as Master of Advanced Studies (MAS). These programmes are specially designed to offer rigorous training while accommodating the needs and schedules of working professionals. Programmes range between 60 and 90 ECTS.

Tailored short courses allow participants to develop specialised skills and knowledge in a particular area or context.

Swiss TPH is accredited by the Swiss Institute for Medical Education as an „A-Institution“ for the training of physicians who would like to specialize in Public Health (Facharzt Prävention und Gesundheitswesen). This educational track requires a physician exam from a Swiss university or a medical degree accredited by Swiss authorities (Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG).


Prof. Nino Künzli