MMPS - Modernizing the Moldovan Perinatal System

In support to the National Perinatal Care Program of the Government of Moldova, the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency is funding a multiyear project to modernize the perinatalogy system. Over three phases, the Swiss TPH and the main Moldovan implementing partner, the Association of Perinatal Medicine, have collaborated to strengthen the 26 level I maternities, 3 pilot level II referral hospital maternities and NICU wards, the level III advanced referral hospital for tertiary neonatal care, and the referral system between levels of care through the modernisation of the neonatal transport system. The approach is a combination of complementary interventions aiming at making the regionalization of perinatal care functional. It is based on the purchase of modern equipment and the development of a Health Technology Management system, the continuous strengthening of quality of care through capacity building and international exchange with Swiss partner hospitals, the development of quality management and community health promotion.

{"locations":{"0":{"title":"IMSP Institutul Mamei \u015fi Copilului, Chi\u0219in\u0103u, Moldova","description":"","latitude":"46.980417","longitude":"28.867937"}}}
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Adriane Martin Hilber, MPH, PhD
Senior Project Leader, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeitende/Post-Doc (SHIS 530)

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